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Accountants & Attorneys


Tri-State Business Appraisal, LLC maintains the highest ethical standards of professional business appraisal including competence, impartiality, objectivity, non-advocacy and independence.

For Attorneys

Appraisal reports produced by Tri-State Business Appraisal, LLC will withstand the rigors of a challenge and cross examination. The conclusion of value is fully explained, supported and documented. Any required Discounts for Lack of Control and Lack of Marketability along with a goodwill valuation are properly applied.  At Tri-State Business Appraisal, LLC we will work with you to determine the appropriate standard of value for your client’s situation.

For Accountants
Tri-State Business Appraisal, LLC provides valuations that meet and exceed IRS requirements and acceptance, including the requirements for a "Qualified Appraisal" and "Qualified Appraiser" as stated in IRS regulations. Your client's confidentiality is assured. Tri-State abides by the highest standards. We appreciate that an appraisal is confidential. Certified Business Appraisals are a value added service that accountants can offer their clients and avoid potential conflicts of interest. As Tri-State does only business appraisals, accountants have no risk of losing the client for other services such as tax and audit services.