Northeast Business Intermediaries

With over 20 years of M&A experience, NEBI offers the business community a comprehensive range of services. We provide M&A Intermediary services, certified business appraisals, and strategic consulting.

         At Northeast Business Intermediaries we are committed to confidentially serving the best interests of our clients. We believe that a full disclosure of all material facts, a fair evaluation of the business, and professional handling of all matters throughout the entire selling process are key to successfully buying or selling a business.
      Northeast is among the few firms that have the professional qualifications and transaction experience to offer M&A services and Certified Business Appraisals.
         If you are considering selling, we would like to learn about you and your business.  There is no substitution for establishing a common understanding of what is expected and what is probable.  Initially, we suggest a conversation to determine your objectives and the business’ history. The next step would be to schedule a no cost/no obligation meeting to complete a profile of the business.
        Should your interest be in acquiring a business, we would also like to know more about you, your background, interests and objectives.  We ask that a Buyer Profile be completed.  This can typically be completed during a phone conversation.  After developing your Buyer Profile, we would then be in a position to discuss potential businesses of interest.  Before the release of detail information on a business, Northeast Business Intermediaries requires completion of a Confidentiality Agreement.
           We hold the CBA designation from the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) and NACVA which assures you that we conform to the highest standards of our profession and firmly believe that an informed client will be a satisfied client.