Providing business Valuation and Brokerage/M&A services

         Tri-State Business Appraisal, LLC is an independent business serving the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, providing certified business appraisals and Brokerage/M&A services for closely-held businesses, limited liability companies, corporations, and partnerships for a variety of purposes such as a change in ownership, bank and  SBA loans, tax filings, divorce, and shareholder disputes.

       The firm was founded to provide a service for individuals, their attorneys, and CPA firms that need to provide an independent business valuation to their clients.
      Tri-State’s appraisals are independent, unbiased reports designed to define the value of a business or business interest. The business’ principal has been awarded the Certified Business Appraiser(CBA) designation by the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) and NACVA.
      Business valuation is a highly specialized field requiring a foundation built from experience, knowledge, continuing education, and professional integrity. In today's litigation climate, a qualified and credentialed business  There is no cost or obligation to you for an initial consultation. Our commitment to you is to take the time to understand your specific requirements and that all information discussed will be treated as confidential.
      We will work with you, your attorney, and other professionals to determine the specific requirements of your business valuation.
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